About Us

Portland Brew is about living an original life!


From Portland to LA - with Craft Beer

From Portland Oregon where the air & beer are so fresh you can taste each others brew on a windy day.  Pretty cool sure but the really cool thing is finding quality craft Portland Brew in Los Angeles.

Ok, it doesn't have to be Portland Brew but definitely craft beer is a pre-requisite to the ladies and gentlemen of Oregon and Los Angeles who enjoy fine craft beer.

Portlandbrew.com is an informational and entertainment blog created for lovers of craft beer.

We'll cover the best craft beer in LA - bars, stores, craft-beer pubs etc. - if it's in LA and it's craft beer, we'll locate it so you can to.

Our Story

Civilized for beer tasting, drinking and enjoying with friends, animals and nature that inspires all my senses as does the beer I am drinking, the glass it was poured in, and the lady I am in the company in - all together one energy.  This is life..with craft beer.