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Portland brew craft beer Los Angeles (that was a mouthful - wait till you try the beer) now easy - well, easy considering how many craft beer bars in los angeles there really are. 

It’s not like you need a Los Angeles breweries map for the best breweries and brewery tours in LA, but what if you had what our experts call "beer-tuition" or "beer intuition" - you naturally find yourself attracted to good beer, good friends and good food.

At that is what we are all about - the goods - beer, friends, events, food, cars, relationships, conversations, inspirations, learnings, and other expressions of life fully manifested with the addition of really good beer.

LA Brewery Art Walk is a must attend event every spring and fall.  With over 100 resident artists, it’s a must - not necessarily for every craft brew connoisseur, but if you can appreciate art and want to see a unique community of professional artist, you need to check out the LA Brewery Art Walk.

So what if we did have a map of the best breweries in LA or an all inclusive LA breweries map!  Coming soon!  And while we work on that, here’s a few craft beer bars in Los Angeles you may not have known about till now.

Angel City Brewery comes to mind mind first since LaLa Land is the City of Angeles and even though we are Dodger fans for the most part, many of us do favor Anaheim’s Angeles, so Angel City Brewery is quick to come to mind.

Another excellent craft brewery is Beachwood Brewing - if you haven’t been to Beachwood Brewing, you may want to put everything down right now, call a Party Bus Limo and head on over to Beachwood Brewing.

And while you have the LA Party Bus Rental, why not make it affordable and swing on South towards Southland Beer for some unique craft beer, but before you do that, ask the driver to stop by Mohawk Bend so you can cuddle up to a cutie next to the fire-place.

If you do find your soul mate at Mohawk Bend, by the fire place, you may not want to go to the next stop, but if you’re bride-to-be is feeling frisky, you can both head over to Beer Belly because when she’s in maternity, she’ll miss the Beer Belly bar and everything Beer Belly stands for…she’ll miss her own beer belly very much as well.

Blue Palms Brewhouse is another place to meet your wife or husband.  Craft beer drinkers are great love makers so even if you don’t find your soul mate, you’ll have a hell of a night at Blue Palms Brewhouse craft lovers heaven.

And when you’re too drunk for craft brew heaven, you can enter the famous Craft Brew Cellar, Craft Los Angeles finest Sunset Beer at the City Tavern getting a Buzz Wine Beer Battleship & bar Biergarten LA, Mumford Brewing, Bills Liquor Store, Eagle Rock Brewery and The Doughroom.

Other local Los Angeles craft breweries you definitely want to check out (when you’re sober if possible) is the Boomtown Brewery, The Faculty, Tony’s Darts Away, The Hermosillo, Melody Lounge, Highland Park Brewery, Verdugo Bar & McGregor’s Craft Beer & Wine, Ball & Chain (can’t forget Ball & Chain), and Iron Triangle (stronger than Pink Taco;)

Now all you need is that LA Breweries map showing you where the locals drink, the craft beer bars locals go to get the best drinks in LA.

...and remember, Craft Brews Festival will be in Los Angeles for the first time ever, this May 6 and May 7th.


The Portland Brew-Masters


Jack Beerman

Jack was born in Potsdam, NY by stoner parents and later moved to Arizona in order to pursue a career in craft beer making. Being disappointed with the quality of modern beer in general, he found


Frank Liquor

Frank was a street-fighter who got stronger when he drank beer - but not just any kind of beer, it had to be craft beer in Los Angeles.  Fank knows all the best craft beer bars in LA and the best places in town to get a drink.  The best drinks are not always where you think to look.  Ask Frank where to drink in LA.


Green Drinks

Green is not a hippie or a vegan but he does not eat meat or dairy because he loves animals almost as much as he loves craft beer.  His home is full of pets and beer.  He contributes his expertise to our publication and helps with technical issues of pouring the best beers.

Craft Beers LA!


Drinking Craft Beer in Los Angeles as a team means we can team-up with local Catering Companies in Los Angeles. Catering Hollywood, Ca or L.A. is's latest initiative and joint-yummy-venture for drinking more craft beer in LA.  So call up your party planners, your friends or simply call us now.  That's right.  Drink better beer because once you go "craft" you never go back:-)

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